global chemistry transport model

8th International TM5 Meeting (21-22 June 2007)

Meeting took place at SRON, Utrecht, the Netherlands


Bram Bregman (TNO)
TM5@TNO: climate and air quality

Arjo Segers (TNO)
TM5: the usual subjects

Jason Williams (KNMI)
Impact of the update of reaction rates in TM4

Twan van Noije (KNMI)

Wouter Peters (WUR)
Carbontracker and TM5

Gabriella Vallini (Ispra)
222Rn simulations for validation of transport and vertical diffusion in TM5

Peter Bergamaschi (Ispra)
TM5 4DVAR Inversion of atmospheric CH4 sources

Sander Houweling (SRON)
Methane simulations over the Amazon and 13C-analysis

Andy Jacobson (ESRL)
Carbontracker ocean studies

Maarten Krol (SRON/WUR)
Off-line CO simulations with TM5: first attempts

Michiel van Weele (KNMI)
HYMN and update of photolysisi

Lori Bruhwiler (ESRL)
Methane simulations at ESRL

Elisabetta Vignati (Ispra, presented in Ispra)
Comparing different approaches of modelling BC with TM5

Bruno Guillaume (Lab Agrology, Toulouse)
New results from ORISAM-TM4

Frank Dentener (JRC)

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