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33th International TM5 Meeting (19-20 December 2022)

Link to the SC meeting notes (20 Dec 2022)

Location: Bremen (with remote participation), Institute of Environmental Physics and Remote Sensing – IUP, Laboratory for Modeling and Observation of the Earth System (LAMOS) 

Room U1050, NW1 building, Otto-Hahn-Allee 1, Bremen. 

Powerpoint presentations require the known user/password  to open powerpoint files

For remote participation: 

Meeting ID: 992 6553 3999 

Passcode: tm@lamos 

Meeting ID: 990 6987 8688

Times are Central European Winter Time (CEST=UTC+1)

Monday, Decmeber 19, 2022

13:00-13:20  Logistics: Connection of remote participants  Nikos Daskalakis 

13:20 -13:30  Introduction: Welcome and further logistics Nikos Daskalakis/ Maria Kanakidou/ Mihalis Vrekoussis 

Inverse Modeling Talks 

13:30-13:50   Talk 1: Intercompairson of Atmosphereic Carbonyl Sulfide (COS): Evaluation of the optimized fluxes using ground- based, aircraft, and FTIR data Jin Ma 

13:50-14:10  Talk 2: Towards Implementation of something   Wouter Peters 

14:10-14:30  Talk 3: Biosphere-atmosphere exchange of CO2 over the Amazon  Joram Hooghiem 

14:30-14:50   Talk 4: Towards high resolution CO2 emissions  Auke van der Woude 

14:50-15:20 Coffee Break 

15:20-15:40  Talk 5: Evaluation of partial column CH4: comparison of model results with GOSAT and IASI data  Aki Tsuruta 

15:40-16:00  Talk 6: Weighting factors of satellite data in TM5-4dvar  Rasmus Nüß 

16:00-17:20  Talk 7: TM5 in the COS-OCS project  Maarten Krol 

17:20-17:40  Talk 8: Nitrogen in TM5-MP CTDAS  Filothei Boufidou 

17:40-18:00  Discussion 

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Session 2: Inverse & Chemistry modelling

09:00-9:20  Talk 9: Permafrost CH4 emissions using TM5-MP-4DVAR  Santiago Paraguez 

09:20-09:40  Talk 10: Dealing with emission inventories - News on TM5MP + HERMES  Sarah-Lena Meyer 

09:40-10:00   Talk 11: BrC in TM5-MP Angelos Gkouvousis 

10:00-10:20  Talk 12: TM4 updates towards zoom  Kun Qu 

10:20-11:10  Coffee Break 

11:10-11:30 Talk 13: Reading TM5-MP meteorological data using the XIOS input/output server Jacob van Peet 

11:30-11:50  Talk 14: INP in the TM framework  Marios Chatziparaschos 

11:50-12:30  Open discussion: TM5 and next meeting 

13:00-14:00 Lunch 

14:00-16:00  Steering group meeting 

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