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31th International TM5 Meeting ( 18 Oct 2021)

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Monday, October 18, 2021

13:15-13:30: Logistics: Connection of remote participants

Session 1: Inverse Modelling studies

13:30-13:50: FMI updates, calculation of XCH4 (Aki TSuruta, FMI)

13:50-14:10Creating TROPOMI super observations for use in TM5-4dvar ((Rasmus Nüß, IUP/Bremen)

14:10-14:30: Pros and Cons of using TROPOMI CO super observations in TM5-4dvar (Fabian, IUP/Bremen)

14:30-14:50: COS global budgets constrained by NOAA observation network and MIPAS satellite data with bias correction (Jin Ma, UU)

14:50-15:10: Break

Session 2: Forward modelling & Emissions

15:10-15:30 IN and BrC simulations in TM model and other modeling activities at UoC (Maria Kanakidou, UoC/Crete)

15:30-15:50Impact of biomass burning in the remote pacific ocean (Nikos Daskalakis, IUP/Bremen)

15:50-16:10:TM5-MP meets HERMESv3_GR: Elect and scale emissions for TM5-MP using HERMES (Sarah-Lenba Meyer, IUP/Bremen)

16:10-16:30First results fromTM5-MP/ISORROPIA-lite simulations (Stelios Myriokefalatakis, NOA/Athens)

16:30-16:40: Break

Session 2: Other & Technical Developments

16:40-17:00: CTDAS and TM5: new developments (Wouter Peters, WUR)

17:00-17:20Status of TM5-MP-adjoint (also known as 4DVAR-MP)

Part 2 (Arjo Segers/Sander Houweling, TNO/VU)

17:20-18:00: New Projects & General Discussion

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