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24th International TM5 Meeting (27-28 June 2016)

Relevant documents:

SC Notes (Approved in Jan 2017)

Pros and Cons of KPP

TM5-MP manual

JRC, Ispra (Va), Italy

Building 100, Room Aria, Second Floor

Info JRC conference service: ++39 0332 78 3000



Monday June 27, 2016 (Room Aria)

13:30‐14:00 Walk‐in / setup of VC connections

Session 1: Inverse Modelling CO2

14:00‐14:25 Guillaume Monteil (Lund University)

Coupled TM5FLEXPART CO2 inversions

14:25‐14:50 Narcisa Banda (IMAU) (VC)

Joint COCO2 inversion setup

14:50‐15:15 Sourish Basu (NOAA) (VC)

Estimating fossil fuel CO2 from a dual tracer inversion of CO2 and 14CO2

15:15‐15:40 Andy Jacobson NOAA (VC)

Response of global CO2 to the 201516 El Niño

15:40 Break

Session 2: Inverse Modelling CH4

16:10‐16:35 Sudhanshu Pandey (IMAU) (VC)

Sensitivity of CH4 fluxes from Tropical Wetlands to ENSO

16:35‐17:00 Sander Houweling (SRON/IMAU) (VC)

US CH4 Emissions from Oil and Gas Production: Have Recent Large Increases Been Detected?

17:30 ‐ Adjourn

19:30 Dinner Ristorante Damino, Angera

Tuesday June 28,  2016 (Room Aria)

9:00‐9:20 Walk‐in / setup of VC connections

Session 2: Inverse Modelling CH4 (continued)

9:20‐9:45 Ernest Koffi (EC‐JRC)

Global wetland CH4 emissions in a changing climate

9:45‐10:10 Peter Bergamaschi (EC‐JRC)

Inverse modelling of European CH4  emissions. Impact of natural sources and model errors

10:10‐10:35 Greet Janssens‐Maenhout (EC‐JRC)

EDGARv4 contribution to global bottomup emissions inventories

10:35 Break

Session 3: Model development

11:00‐11:25 Maarten Krol (WUR/IMAU/SRON)

TM5 and the Age of Air experiment

11:25‐11:50 Maarten Krol (WUR/IMAU/SRON)

Docking TM5

11:50‐12:15 Sander Houweling (SRON/IMAU) (VC)

eScience proposal for the TM5mp adjoint

12:20 Lunch

Session 4: Chemistry and aerosol

13:30-13:45 Philippe le Sager, Vincent Huijnen, Twan van Noije (VC)

Update on EC-Earth and C-IFS systems

13:45‐14:10 Marco de Bruine (IMAU) (VC)

TM5 in ECEarth: Improving aerosol wet deposition

14:10‐14:35 Maria Kanakidou (ECPL)

Global modeling of atmospheric deposition of N, P and Fe with TM4ECPL

14:35‐15:00 George Fanourgakis (ECPL) (VC)

Study of the CCN formation using the TM4/ECPL and M7 model

15:00 End of the TM5 meeting

15:00‐17:00 TM5 Steering Committee meeting

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