global chemistry transport model

20th International TM5 Meeting (12-13 November 2013) 

This meeting took place at SRON, Utrecht, the Netherlands. You find the notes here


Chemistry and aerosol  (chair: Sander Houweling)

Folkert Boersma (TUE/KNMI)

How to compare chemistry transport models with UV/Vis solar backscatter satellite measurements

Willem Verstraeten (TUE/KNMI)

Top down anthropogenic NOx emissions estimates in TM5 using OMI NO2 observations

Marly van Geel (TUE)

Towards new isoprene emissions using updated TM5 chemistry and satellitedata above tropical forests 

Nikos Daskalakis (Uni. Crete)

Impact of biomass burning emission distributions on atmospheric pollutant lifetimes

Maria Kanakidou (Uni. Crete) 

Atmospheric cycles of nutrients in TM4-ECPL

Narcisa Banda (IMAU/KNMI)

The effect of stratospheric sulfur from Pinatubo on the oxidizing capacity of the troposphere

Maarten Krol (WUR)

Revisiting South American Biomass Burning with IASI satellite observations

Michiel van Weele (KNMI)

Confrontation of TM5 release 4 (candidate) against ozone sondes, MOPITT CO and SCIAMACHY HCHO

Model development and infrastructure (chair: Folkert Boersma)

Arjo Segers (TNO)

Differences in CH4 NS-gradient between TM5 “offline” and TM5 “ecearth”

Andy Jacobson (NOAA)

Three metrics comparing EI and OD transport in TM5

Philippe Le Sager (KNMI) 

TM6: coupling to EC-Earth and parallel I/O for meteo

Arne Babenhauserheide (KIT)

Comparison of TM5-4DVar and Carbontracker

Greenhouse gas sources and sinks (chair: Maarten Krol)

Wouter Peters & Ingrid van der Laan (WUR)

Carbon Tracker Europe, China, and South America

Aki Tsuruta (FMI)

Preliminary methane CarbonTracker Data Assimilation Shell results

Peter Bergamaschi (JRC) 

Inverse modeling of European CH4 emissions within the INGOS project: first results

Ernest Koffi (JRC)

Model validation within the INGOS project

Mihai Alexe (JRC) 

Global CH4 inversions using different GOSAT products 

Guillaume Monteil (SRON)

Inverse modeling of CH4 using GOSAT measurements 

Sudhanshu Pandey (SRON)

Inverse modeling of CH4 using satellite data: Proxy ratio approach   

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