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19th International TM5 Meeting (25-26 April 2013)

The 19th International TM5 Meeting took place on 25-26 April 2013 at Wageningen University. You find the notes here


Model overview (Folkert Boersma, KNMI, Chair)

Maarten Krol (WUR)  

TM5 model overview 

Michiel van Weele (KNMI)                                        

TM5 chemistry overview                                                

Sourish Basu (IMAU)

Adjoint model overview 

Maarten Krol/Folkert Boersma

Proposal for TM5 Steering Committee and Development Team  


Model infrastructure and new developments (Wouter Peters, WUR, Chair)

Philippe Le Sager  (KNMI)

Status of TM6

Sander Houweling (SRON)  

SF6 and CH4 simulations in TM5-online

Emma van der Veen (WUR)                                             

Optimizing transport properties of TM5 using SF6

Ingrid van der Laan-Luijkx (WUR)

Cautionary notes on the use of the TM5 reduced grid

Aerosols and chemistry (Peter Bergamaschi, JRC, Chair)

Twan van Noije (KNMI)

Climate change impacts on atmospheric chemistry in EC-Earth driven simulations

Narcisa Banda (UU/KNMI)

Modelling the Pinatubo aerosols

Vincent Huijnen (KNMI)

Impact of heterogeneous uptake parameterization on tropospheric chemistry in C-IFS

Maria Kanakidou (VIDEO, U. Crete)

Atmospheric deposition simulations  with TM4-ECPL model

Maarten Krol  (WUR/IMAU/SRON)

Atmospheric Lifetime Experiments: setup and intercomparison


Greenhouse gas inversions (Twan van Noije, KNMI, Chair)

Peter Bergamaschi (JRC)

MACC-II pre-operational CH4 inversions: transition from SCIAMACHY to GOSAT

Aki Koyama (FMI)

TM5 for CTE methane: comparison of primary result to observations in Finland

Sourish Basu (SRON)

Verifying GOSAT XCO2 anomalies over Asia with IASI XCO                              


Air pollution and satellite applications (Sander Houweling, SRON, Chair)

Clifford Chuwah (KNMI)

Implications of alternative assumptions regarding future air pollution control in RCP-like scenarios

Patricia Castellanos (VU)

Characterizing fire emissions using  satellite observations of CO and NO2

Bram Maasakkers (TU/e, KNMI)

Vital improvements to the retrieval of tropospheric NO2 columns from the Ozone Monitoring Instrument using TM5

Willem Verstraeten (KNMI, TU/e) 

Rapid increases in tropospheric O3 observed from TES and diagnosed with TM5       

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