global chemistry transport model

18th International TM5 Meeting (15-17 October 2012)

Group Picture (on the sunny roof op EPCL)


Stelios Myriokefalitakis 

The ozone budget of the Eastern Mediterranean

Maria Kanakidou 

TM4-ECPL simulations of atmospheric deposition of nutrients

Nikos Daskalakis 

Sensitivity of TM model results to various emission inventories used in PEGASOS and ECLIPSE

Marly van Geel

CMB5 and beyond

Jason Williams 

Analysing the global distribution of CO in TM5 : reconciling lower emissions estimates with enhanced in-situ production

Michiel van Weele 

New benchmark chemistry version (cy4)

Narcisa Banda: 

Coupling M7-photolysis: first results

Folkert Boersma and Willem Verstraeten: 

Attributing 2005-2010 increases in tropospheric ozone to increasing NOx emissions over eastern Asia with TES, OMI, and TM5

Twan van Noije: 

Decadal simulations of tropospheric chemistry and aerosols with EC-Earth

Wouter Peters and Ivar van der Velde: 

The ensmble Kalman filter. Application to 13CO2

Aki Koyama: 

CarbonTracker Europe for Methane: current state and Discussion: The EnkFilter system

Folkert Boersma: 

TM5 Steering Committee

Maarten Krol: 

TM5 Development Team

Frank Dentener: 

Hemispheric Transport of Air Pollutants

Arjo Segers: 

Dry Air version

Philippe le Sager: 

Towards TM6

Iliana Genkova: 


Peter Bergamaschi: 

MACC-II: pre-operational CH4 inversions: current status and future perspectives

Sander Houweling: 

CH4 inversions from Utrecht

Maarten Krol: 

How much CO was emitted during the 2010 Russian fires?

Sourish Basu: 

The effect of transport model resolution on optimized fluxes in TM5 4DVAR

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