global chemistry transport model

15th International TM5 Meeting (25-26 November 2010)

Meeting took place at SRON, Utrecht, the Netherlands


Nikos Daskalakis (EPCL)
An update from Crete

Jason WIlliams (KNMI)
Evaluating the performance of online photolysis

Vincent Huijnen and Michiel van Weele (KNMI)
TM5-IFS assimilation and forecast experiments: the Russian forest fires and other applications

Maarten Krol (IMAU/WUR/SRON)
ALANIS: characterising emissions from boreal fires

Matteo Corazza (JRC)
N2O inversions over Europe

Peter Bergamaschi (JRC)
Inverse modelling of European and global CH4 emissions

Wouter Peters (WUR)
Carbon Tracker update

Sander Houweling (SRON)
CH4 TM5 4DVAR and Transport

Arjo Segers (JRC)
4DVAR temporal resolution

Arjo Segers (JRC)
Update on meteo format

Arjo Segers (JRC)
4DVAR speedup

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