global chemistry transport model

14th International TM5 Meeting (21-22 June 2010) 

Meeting took place at EPCL (Crete, Greece)


Maarten Krol, Gerben Pieterse, Thomas Roeckmann (IMAU)
An update of the H2/HD modelling with TM5

Philippe Le Sager (KNMI)
TM5: versioning, coding standards, and documentation

Vincent Huijnen and Twan van Noije (KNMI)
Zooming in(to) the TM5 tropospheric chemistry benchmark version

Stelios Myriokefalitakis, Kostas Tsigaridis, and Maria Kanakidou (ECPL/Greece)
Aqueous phase chemistry in TM4-ECPL

Wouter Peters and Liselotte Tolk (WUR/NOAA/VU))
Testing six inverse methods in a realistic pseudo-data study

Sourish Basu (SRON/IMAU)
IMAU: Modularizing TM5 using a Python wrapper

Feng Deng (Univ. Toronto)
Recent Global CO2 Flux Inferred From Atmospheric CO2 Observations And Its Regional Analyses

Nikos Daskalakis, Kostas Tsigaridis, Maria Kanakidou (EPCL, UOC)
OA Aerocom

Joost Aan de Brugh (WUR/TNO)
The European Aerosol Budget in 2006

Pim Hooghiemstra (SRON/IMAU)
Optimizing CO emissions using the NOAA surface network stations in a 4D-VAR framework

Andy Jacobson (NOAA)
Andy about oceans || Presentation Lori Bruhwiler || Presentation Weile Wang

Frank Dentener (JRC)
JRC and HTAP activities

Arjo Segers, Matteo Corazza, and Peter Bergamaschi (JRC)
4Dvar and other (useful) activities || N2O inversions

Maria Kanakidou (ECPL, UOC)
Other ECPL TM activities

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