global chemistry transport model

12th International TM5 Meeting (8-9 June 2009)

Meeting took place at JRC, Ispra, Italy


Arjo Segers (TNO)
De-freezing the high-resolution zoom version

Sara Mikaloff Fletcher (NIWA)
Presentation yet to be received

Pim Hooghiemstra (SRON,IMAU)
First inversion results for CO inversions

Peter Bergamaschi (JRC, Ispra)
Update on JRC inverse modeling

Gabriella Villani (JRC, Ispra)
Update on synthetic experiments

Matteo Corazza (JRC, Ispra)
N2O inverse modeling

Maarten Krol (SRON,WUR,IMAU)
Update on OH

Sander Houweling (SRON)
A-SCOPE CO2 inversions

Folkert Boersma (KNMI), Tjibbe van der Veen (Tu Delft)
An improved parametrization of lightning NOx in TM5

Folkert Boersma (KNMI)
Australian Forest Fire Plumes

Lori Bruhwiler (NOAA)
Carbontracker - CH4

Andy Jacobson (NOAA)
Overview of NOAA's TM5 activities

Wouter Peters (NOAA/WUR)
Sampling issues and time step dependence

Maarten Krol (SRON,WUR,IMAU)
Sampling the surface concentration in large scale models

Joost Aan de Brugh (TNO,WUR)
TM5 budgets

Maria Kanakidou (ECPL, Crete)
Organics in the global troposphere: recent advances at UoC and future plans

Wouter Peters (NOAA/WUR)
Python run scripts for cycle 3

Maarten Krol (SRON,WUR,IMAU)

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