global chemistry transport model


The TM5 model (Krol, 2005) is an offline model, using preprocessed meteorological fields from ECMWF. Advection and convection schemes are similar to the TM5 predecessors, the TM2 (Heimann, 1988) and TM3 model. Advection is based on the slopes scheme (Russel and Lerner, 1987) the convection parameterisation is based on (Tiedke, 1989).

The basic model operations (advection, convection, sources, chemistry) are solved by operator splitting (Verwer et al., 1999) The model can be run as single-tracer version or with full (CBM4-based) chemistry (Houweling, 1998; Huijnen, 2010). In addition, aerosol modules are available (Aan de Brugh, 2010). For the single-tracer version an adjoint model has been implemented.

Currently, a stratospheric-tropospheric version of TM5 is under development. It is designed to simulate chemical processes which occur from the ground upto 0.1 hPa. Documentation of this version is available here. TM5 is also coupled to the climate model EC-EARTH, with the aim to simulate chemistry and climate in a coupled fashion. 

Finally, a high-resolution version is being developed (Huijnen, 2010). It allows zooming to a spatial resolution of 0.5x0.25 degrees. The figure to the right shows a snapshot of a simulation for CO on this resolution over Western Europe.

TM5 zoom



Twice a year, an international meeting is organized to discuss model results and developments. A steering committee and development team guide further enhancements of the model

New users are welcome and are requested to present results on our meetings

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