global chemistry transport model

CO production

In the movie below, we used the new TM5-mp version with CB05 chemistry to calculate CO production from the oxidation of Non-Methane Hydrocarbons and methane. This CO is produced mostly above large source of natural hydrocarbons (isoprene, terpenes). That is why the hotspots are found above tropical rain forests. The output was splitted by month and by time of the day to highlight the seasonal and diurnal variations. Units in the plots are [mol CO per 3x2 degree gridbox integrated vertically, over 3 hourly periods during one month]. Yearly totals are given below the plot. The year of analysis is 2006.  

The second movie shows the production estimated from CH4 alone. This was estimated by calculating the reaction flux of the CH4 + OH reaction and assuming that all products end up as CO (yield = 1). 

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